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  1. andy says:

    I saw the scuptures while visiting London. The entire family thought that they were great. Any plans on visiting Los Angeles? We would be interested in exploring a commissioned piece. Also I tried to order a micro mushroom but was unsuccessful. thanks, andy

  2. Francine Campbell says:


    I saw your beautiful Mushroom in Dulwich, and thought how great they would look on my house in Peckham !
    I’d like to get an idea of cost for a commission if possible ?

    Please get in touch if you have time .

    Many Thanks



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  4. We are fortunate to have a Christiaan Nagel mushroom above our Shoreditch Art Wall at – 17-19 Great Eastern Street, London EC2


    Come visit…

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  7. Jordi Llort Figuerola says:

    Hi! I made GOLDEN POO with poliurethan 🙂 i like your work!

  8. Monkey says:

    Give me a call sometime to get a shroom blotter made, I loo forward to working with you Monkey. 07561 105 100

  9. Damian Clarke says:

    We bought a big gold mushroom from you years ago, when you exhibited at Rich Mix. We’re moving the mushroom to a location where it will need securing to a base. What’s the best way to do it?
    Also, the gold paint has deteriorated and the black undercoat is showing through. A respray may be a good idea – what brand of spraypaint do you use? (I’d get you to respray it but we’re in Sydney now.)

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  12. Pete & Rob says:

    We included two of your mini mushrooms in our last Playmobil stop motion episode:

    Hope you like it!
    We love your street art. Cheers.

  13. Daniel Warnecke says:

    Dear Nagel,

    I am writting to you on behalf of store street gallery / london contemporary art. we met a few years ago through griff i actually came to your house once to drop off some stuff to be sprayed for thierry noir.

    I have a show in January at my gallery in Thottnham court road and would love to show some of you amazing mushrooms.

    Let me know if you are down.

    Many Thanks,
    Daniel Warnecke

  14. Tom Pointon says:

    Hello, not sure if you received my last message. I’m representing a Marseille street artist called Alain Paris who makes crapauds de Marseille, site specifc, constructed on site. He has a website all in French at the moment.
    he’d like to make contacts in the UK and likewise, if you’d like to make contact with people in Marseille we’re here to welcome you.

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